If you made a mistake on an invoice and submitted it already to your customer, you may want to issue a credit note which credit the full amount on the invoice and zero out the balance. 

With Tradeshift you can either create a credit note based on an invoice you have sent or create a credit note separately.

  • Full Credit:
    • Do not make any changes to flipped invoice
    • Remove Person Reference and/or PO#
  • Partial Credit:
    • Refer to original invoice and/or PO#

Creating a credit note from an invoice

Go to your Documents Manager app and find the invoice you wish to attach a credit note to. 

You can click on the document line and choose “Create credit note” from the side menu:

A credit note with all the lines from the invoice will appear. You may choose any number for Credit Note Number, but please ensure the invoice number references the correct one. If you only need to credit part of the invoice, you can amend and delete the lines not needed. Once you're done simply choose 'Send', 'Preview' or 'Save as draft' at the bottom right-hand corner of the page.

You can also choose to create a credit note directly from the invoice itself, by choosing to access the 'Documents Options' tab.

Creating a credit note separately:

Note that you can also create a new credit note entirely from scratch, by accessing the 'Create' launcher:

You will then be taken to an entirely empty Credit Note form. Fill in the details of the Credit Note manually, and don't forget to specify which Invoice this Credit Note is sent against in the "Invoice number" field.