Depending on how you do your invoices today, Tradeshift offers different solutions in terms of how to use or integrate your current ERP or accounting system with the Tradeshift solution. Please visit for information on the following options:

- Using your free Tradeshift account, you may upload your invoices made in your accounting system (e.g. Dynamics, Concorde c5) using our upload facility. Tradeshift support a variety of formats (e.g. UBL/OIOUBL BASdaXML, cXML, CSV and more)
- You may deliver documents from your existing ERP system using SFTP, FTPS or AS2, in a variety of formats.
- To connect to your existing ERP system directly, choose from a wide range of connectors to ERP systems including SAP from the Tradeshift App Marketplace.
- You may choose between custom integration packages that cover document delivery (integration) and document conversion.
- If you are on one of the EDI networks that we support, you may be able to deliver invoices through that.