Invoice coding tasks that are assigned to you are visible from your Task Manager list. Select the one that is assigned to you to open it. Note that the padlock icon displays when someone is currently working on the document, so that only the task assignee can edit it. You can easily see in the Task Manager’s Assignee column who owns the task.

Selecting a coding task will open it in the Invoice Viewer, and you can then start coding the lines there. Each line requiring coding will be clearly indicated:

  1. Go to the line that requires coding, and click Add coding.
  2. A side panel opens, from where you can assign the line item to the right cost center / project. Note that coding lists must be defined by your Tradeshift administrator first. You can then select the appropriate commodity, general ledger, and company codes.
  3. Click Done at the bottom of the side panel when you are done.

The coding details are now added to the selected line, and the Add coding field is replaced with a View coding field.

Note that you can also code multiple lines at once! Once you've finished coding all lines (whether individually or in bulk), simply click Assign approver in the bottom right corner of the screen, and your coding details will be added as a validation task to the person or team assigned to verifications.