This article explains the process and options for an invoice disputed by a buyer.

As a seller, you have sent an invoice, which was disputed by the buyer. When a buyer disputes an invoice received, you receive an email notification, informing you about the document state change. To open the disputed invoice, select Respond to invoice in the notification email. You are redirected to the platform where the invoice is open in the invoice viewer. Actions available:

  • Resend the invoice
  • Use the invoice as draft

Resend the invoice

When you have agreed on a resolution to the issues raised by the buyer, you have the option to resend the same invoice, as follows:

  1. (Optional) To discuss with the invoice receiver, select the Contact document receiver option, at the bottom left of the invoice.
  2. Drop down the Other actions menu and select the Resend to new or same receiver.
  3. In the pop-up window displayed, select one of the two options and then click Resend:
  • original recipient of the invoice
  • email address (new recipient)
  • .

Use the invoice as draft

  1. Select the Use as draft button. A pop-window displays a drop-down menu, which you use to select the recipient of the invoice: either the same recipient, or a new recipient.
  2. Select the recipient of the invoice, and then click Proceed. The invoice editing page opens.
  3. Edit your invoice details, and then select Send, at the bottom of the page. The invoice is sent to your buyer and you are redirected to the Document Manager app.

Details about editing an invoice are available here.