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    3.1.4. Resubmit multiple messages

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    The "resubmit all" function allows you to resubmit many messages in one operation.

    You can find this operation at the bottom of the messages list screen. Once you have selected all the messages that you want to reprocess, just click on it. The test messages will be automatically excluded from the selection.


    Selecting Multiple Messages to Resubmit

    The function works the same way as the resubmit message function. The difference is that you process many messages at the same time.


    Resubmit Multiple Messages Screen

    Messages field shows the number of messages that you have selected to be reprocessed. If this number is not correct, please click on back and change your search. Remember that test messages are automatically filtered out from your request.

    send to field allows you to specify which channel or gateway to process the messages and to work exactly the same way as with resubmit message.

    Once all parameters are correct, click on Send to launch the resubmission of all the messages. Then you will be redirected to a screen that shows you the status of the resubmit, and allows you to stop the resubmit if you want. You must stay on this screen until the end of the resubmit process. Leaving this screen is equivalent to clicking on Stop.


    Resubmit Multiple Messages In Progress
























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