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    3.2.2. Alert details

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    Detail of an Alert


    The seriousness of the issue, it can be High, Medium, Low or Info


    The alert status, it can be either Open or Closed. It is important to close the alerts once the problem is resolved, as the system will remind you if you have open alerts pending.


    The type of alert, see Possible Alerts for a complete list and further information. 

    Created On:

    The alert generation date and time. 


    A short description of the issue.


    An additional description of the issue. 


    An UUID that uniquely identifies the alert within the Babelway platform. 


    Enable you to add comments about the issue. It may be useful to keep track of actions already taken to solve the problem. 

    You can click Close when the problem described in the alert is solved, or on Reopen if a previously closed alert was not correctly solved.

    You can click Delete when the problem described in the alert is solved, and you don't want to see it anymore in your alerts list.

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