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    3.3.1. Status statistics

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    This screen allows you to have an aggregated view of the messages processed by your system.

    You can select the period of time for which you want to see the stats, and if you want the data to be group by channel, gateway in or gateway out.

    The resulting graph will display one horizontal bar for each aggregated element (channel, gateway in or gateway out). This bar will be split according to message status. The total count will also be displayed.


    Status By Channel

    In the graphic, you can click on the legend to hide or show messages with a certain status. This is very useful to clearly see the few errors (if any) among the many Success messages.


    Status by Channel Success Messages Are Hidden

    You can also click on the bars in the graph to go to the messages lists screen, with the correct search criteria filled, to see these messages directly.

    The refresh action button allows you to refresh the data.

    The View as data action button allows you to switch to the table display of the number. It can be especially useful if you have many channels, and want to see all of the data (graphic is limited to 40 elements), or if you want to export the data.


    Message Stats


    Switch to Data











































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