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    3.3.2. Time evolution statistics

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    This screen allows you to see the evolution of the messages processed over time.

    These statistics count all messages that went through the system, even if the message has now been deleted.

    Within the options, you can select the data that you want to see on the graphs: message totalsmessage sizes or both.

    You can also select the granularity of the graph. Aggregate data per month means that there will be one point or one bar on the graph by month.

    You can also select to display the graphic in lines or in bars. Please note the following points:

    • Line graphs are zoomable. To zoom in, drag your mouse on the graphic over the period you want. Double-click anywhere on the graph to return to the full view.
    • If you display both message totals and message sizes, this option will only apply to messages totals. Messages sizes will always be displayed in a line graph.


    Number and Sizes of Messages Per Month


    Zoom In Line Graphic






















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