Platform Evolution

[BABELWAY-4915] - Phase 3 : Analyse replacement of hub deployment by hubElement deployment

[BABELWAY-4919] - Phase 3 : Change Deployment Manager and gatewayConfiguration to allow for partial deployment.

[BABELWAY-4920] - Phase 3 : Analysis & Refactoring selfservice to save deployed state.

[BABELWAY-5304] - Billing - Add link to details on invoice

[BABELWAY-5409] - Zendesk help guide integration phase 4 - Clean up old help guide

[BABELWAY-5435] - Show the serial number of the certificate in details

[BABELWAY-5470] - Phase 3 : Method to detect what needs to be deployed/undeployed.

[BABELWAY-5474] - Add Headers Management in HTTP call functions

[BABELWAY-5475] - Update s/MIME extraprocessing to support any MIME message

[BABELWAY-5483] - Duplicate rejection - Analysis

[BABELWAY-5570] - Re-branding Help panel

[BABELWAY-5594] - Deployment to Mhs

[BABELWAY-5606] - ExternalApps provisioning performance

[BABELWAY-5609] - Deployment phase 3 : Test case fix

[BABELWAY-5612] - Use partial deployment for Fedict partners

[BABELWAY-5613] - Remove Channel update when elements within are updated


Customer Projects

[BABELWAY-5352] - Customer new priceplan

[BABELWAY-5559] - Customer vpn

[BABELWAY-5596] - Price plan 1GB Volume For Customer


Technical debt

[BABELWAY-3079] - Test and select third server provider - First analysis

[BABELWAY-4177] - Search in trusted certificate table add extra info

[BABELWAY-4976] - PKI Migration PEPPOL - Remove old certificate

[BABELWAY-5127] - Isolate and unit test Gateway In extra-processings in ME

[BABELWAY-5129] - Isolate and unit test Message Out extra-processings

[BABELWAY-5130] - Isolate and unit test Gateway Out extra-processings in ME

[BABELWAY-5131] - Isolate and unit test Transformation extra-processings

[BABELWAY-5135] - Isolate and unit test all Message Definition IN (messageFormatToXml)

[BABELWAY-5151] - OWASP testing

[BABELWAY-5280] - Upload of big files make the system crash

[BABELWAY-5374] - Sorting lost when refresh on Stats

[BABELWAY-5378] - Sorting lost when enter in TrustedCertificates and go back

[BABELWAY-5387] - ServerGatewayOutHelper: improve message finisher

[BABELWAY-5448] - Aggregator with a non-connected internal gateway can still be deployed

[BABELWAY-5459] - CP1 migration to AWS

[BABELWAY-5461] - Renew certificate of environments

[BABELWAY-5463] - Harmonize runtime keys

[BABELWAY-5471] - Phase 3 : Split deployable responsibility between channel server and deployement server

[BABELWAY-5492] - Phase 1b : Remove setParameters methods of Deployment V1

[BABELWAY-5494] - Configure automatic buckets on eu1

[BABELWAY-5495] - Manage disk space on ts

[BABELWAY-5496] - Avoid MHS warnings on tu

[BABELWAY-5497] - Keystore not correctly cleaned when deploying environment

[BABELWAY-5499] - Tradeshift collaboration messages adjustment

[BABELWAY-5503] - Fix peppol lookup 

[BABELWAY-5504] - Phase 3: Deployment of Keystore

[BABELWAY-5506] - KPI Management Job - null pointer exception

[BABELWAY-5507] - Avoid ConnectionReset when sending backup to s3

[BABELWAY-5511] - Issue deleting a certificate

[BABELWAY-5512] - Anonymise scripts is not correct anymore

[BABELWAY-5513] - KPI Management Job - Inconsistent number of records in 3 reports

[BABELWAY-5514] - Correct deployed_partner table field "email"

[BABELWAY-5515] - Allow metadata in Chorus Gateway Out Gateway

[BABELWAY-5516] - User get an error on the web page when clicking on a link from an invite

[BABELWAY-5519] - Add Env id in deployment Level2 tickets

[BABELWAY-5520] - Don't crash test cases or deployment when one MHS is down (step 1)

[BABELWAY-5521] - SAML issue in customer IDP integration

[BABELWAY-5522] - Update MonthlyBillingSummaryJob.calculateReport5 remove free EUR/Free USD/Free with limits ou Free trial

[BABELWAY-5523] - Implement custom decimal separator in EDIFACT

[BABELWAY-5524] - Avoid having failing backup on jenkins machine

[BABELWAY-5525] - Fix KBO prefetch XPath error

[BABELWAY-5527] - Report to extract number of message for an account month by month

[BABELWAY-5528] - Failed deployments should not lead to Change log entry "Deployment of environment".

[BABELWAY-5533] - Location encoding issue

[BABELWAY-5534] - Routing. Put message in error if multiple routing rules with same priority matches.

[BABELWAY-5535] - GatewayMail cp2 ap1 doens't accept email to

[BABELWAY-5536] - Display a useful error message to a user uploading a message in too big during test case creation

[BABELWAY-5537] - Extract document V2 extra processing not working with not defined MD out.

[BABELWAY-5539] - Send jqGrid errors to zendesk

[BABELWAY-5540] - Fixed typo in DeploymentServer error message

[BABELWAY-5541] - Add server.env in

[BABELWAY-5542] - SS3 Feedback - Extra processing history issue

[BABELWAY-5543] - Be sure not losing messages in GatewayMail

[BABELWAY-5544] - Better reporting for MHS maintenance errors

[BABELWAY-5545] - Log query when throwing an exception when updating history rev table

[BABELWAY-5546] - Move AS2 details of provisioning to component

[BABELWAY-5547] - Add verification of sender certificate to peppol in gateway

[BABELWAY-5549] - Message definition in IDoc messages should be editable by users

[BABELWAY-5550] - Improve memory impact of XPATH splitter

[BABELWAY-5552] - Detect anomalies in PEPPOL

[BABELWAY-5553] - Add log on PEPPOL IN for legacy URL

[BABELWAY-5556] - MHS detect anomalies - avoid false positive when detecting message still in progress

[BABELWAY-5557] - Ensure that all webapps have the right version of HTTP lib

[BABELWAY-5558] - PEPPOL Post-Award BIS 2018 Fall Release

[BABELWAY-5560] - Remove useless things in MHS logs

[BABELWAY-5562] - Missing labels in MHS

[BABELWAY-5563] - NPE on service metadata lookup in SMP

[BABELWAY-5565] - Deployment that crashed during preparation should not be retried automatically

[BABELWAY-5567] - SAP connection issue: do not break other SAP connection if only one gateway fail

[BABELWAY-5568] - MHS should allow fallback

[BABELWAY-5571] - Peppol: avoid bad requests by checking SML info

[BABELWAY-5572] - Bug in gatewaymail (BabelwayStatusUpdater.notifyEmailSendingAttemptResult) - too long deleteText

[BABELWAY-5573] - Delete unused class deployment V2 classes in messagingengine

[BABELWAY-5574] - In ME, clean com.babelway.messaging.logging

[BABELWAY-5575] - In ME, remove FileHelper and MessageHelper classes

[BABELWAY-5576] - Have proper error when email address is too long.

[BABELWAY-5578] - ArrayIndexOutOfBound in lookupTableIncrementValue

[BABELWAY-5586] - Fix MessageStorageDuration 10 years calculation

[BABELWAY-5588] - LookUpTable CSV import does not check if file is CSV

[BABELWAY-5590] - Fix test cases

[BABELWAY-5591] - Limit filenames to something reasonable

[BABELWAY-5592] - Bug with resubmit and com_babelway_messaging_context_mail_send_date

[BABELWAY-5593] - Liberty priceplan

[BABELWAY-5595] - Annual audit process

[BABELWAY-5597] - AS2 message verification fails if MIMEBodyPart contains several certificates and the chain is unordered

[BABELWAY-5598] - DRP document for audit 2019

[BABELWAY-5600] - Analyze archiving cost 1 month

[BABELWAY-5601] - Lookup table babelway functions doesn't work with more than 10 columns

[BABELWAY-5602] - Accept lowercase and UPPERCASE file extension

[BABELWAY-5603] - NemHandel - change production URL

[BABELWAY-5607] - Ba able to make full deploy on big envs

[BABELWAY-5608] - Cron expression can be longer than 50 characters

[BABELWAY-5610] - XmlToJson - value gets wrongly evaluated as a number

[BABELWAY-5611] - DbGatewayConfigurationProvider - remove reference to account.

[BABELWAY-5616] - SGOH : improve performance of detect anomalies between servers

[BABELWAY-5580] - Peppol, ECGrid and Aynchronous provisioning for partial deployment

[BABELWAY-5583] - Partial deployment