The following are our internal release notes straight from our development process.  

Platform Evolution
[BABELWAY-6189] - AS4 certification and reporting
[BABELWAY-6314] - Link evolution: restyle our tables
[BABELWAY-6331] - Connectors - phase 2 - Connector services - Connector Definition Screen
[BABELWAY-6332] - Connector definition screens  
Technical debt
[BABELWAY-6149] -  {Universal_routing_encoding} metadata not properly filled in in MD In
[BABELWAY-6309] -  Do not keep messages on main disk as long.
[BABELWAY-6328] -  Create very short keepDuration for batches where archiving messages is not needed
[BABELWAY-6360] - Speedup testcases
[BABELWAY-6366] - Leftovers - hub_element migration
[BABELWAY-6384] - OFTP : retry sending file on RESOURCES_NOT_AVAILABLE
[BABELWAY-6385] - Reject registration from Abusing IP address
[BABELWAY-6386] - Reduce aggregation footprint
[BABELWAY-6387] - Backup restore correction
[BABELWAY-6388] - XML header should be added to parsed payload in PeppolAs2Servlet
[BABELWAY-6389] - Change SS backup cron
[BABELWAY-6392] - Increase maxAllowedMessageSize.storeOut from 150 to 250 Mb 
[BABELWAY-6393] - Ignore Xslt in transformation_rev migration
[BABELWAY-6396] - Terminate called twice in AS2
[BABELWAY-6401] - Export Hubs in Babelway Admin should export full list not just page
[BABELWAY-6402] - Customer Feedback - Don't leave transformation screen when saving without active session
[BABELWAY-6404] - Error code metadata not available on AutoRetry on Transformation Errors
[BABELWAY-6405] - We do not seem to delete the in delivery message when undeploying an ecgrid gw out
[BABELWAY-6407] - MHS. Allow muti-env file buckets.