The following are our internal release notes straight from our development process.
Release notes - Babelway team - Version Release 4.57

** Platform Evolution

[BABELWAY-5412] - AS4 Millstone 5 : Complete EU Connectivity and Conformance testing.
[BABELWAY-6122] - Tunnel requests to local hosts on DEV
[BABELWAY-6131] - [Hackathon] QR Code login

** Customer Projects

[BABELWAY-6057] - SFTP connection through tunnel
[BABELWAY-6095] - Add extra processing "Regular expression metadata extractor"
[BABELWAY-6105] - Customer project-  Recursively in catalogue integration

** Technical debt

[BABELWAY-3358] - Clean up jbossesb-xxx.jar
[BABELWAY-5976] - Retain status filter on channel list after refresh
[BABELWAY-6038] - Mhs query timeouts report improvements
[BABELWAY-6039] - SAML IDP Initiated login
[BABELWAY-6064] - Fix "Group by" in the "Message Out"
[BABELWAY-6070] - Enable/Disable button for a channel seems now useless
[BABELWAY-6077] - Create Link app
[BABELWAY-6079] - Partial deployment of PEPPOL participant is not working when used in multiple gateways
[BABELWAY-6101] - ArrayWebTypeHandler Triggers JS errors when building too big arrays
[BABELWAY-6117] - Add graphs in production for message queue data
[BABELWAY-6118] - Implement partitioning for document_file
[BABELWAY-6126] - Edifact - too many subelements generates ArrayIndexOutOfBoundException
[BABELWAY-6127] - Apache config - Cannot verify client cert
[BABELWAY-6129] - Migrate AS2 away from hermes and allow timeouts
[BABELWAY-6132] - Add access to BUC team to dev server
[BABELWAY-6133] - SMP - database connection not closed
[BABELWAY-6134] - Undeploy crash in external apps when not deployed
[BABELWAY-6136] - Test cases - lower impact of second SelfService running in test case jvm
[BABELWAY-6138] - Fix problem in MHS replication (special chars in filenames)
[BABELWAY-6139] - ServerGatewayOut - deletion of messages pending when undeploying was delayed with no reason
[BABELWAY-6140] - ServerGatewayOutHelper - fix problems on close of messages on partial undeployment
[BABELWAY-6141] - add monitoring for Belgium SMP
[BABELWAY-6148] - Fix remaining test cases in int
[BABELWAY-6150] - Add jar of Dropbox with TLSv1.2 fix
[BABELWAY-6151] - FileInput is not a file !
[BABELWAY-6152] - Insure uniqueness of OFTP gateway out message key
[BABELWAY-6153] - Certificate : Remove useless system certificate display issue
[BABELWAY-6156] - Fix certificate expired in UnitTest
[BABELWAY-6157] - Fix in TestInOneEmptyHub.deployHub
[BABELWAY-6158] - NullPointerException in logMessageTakeTooLong
[BABELWAY-6160] - Missing failed backup notification