What is the ScanIO app used for?

ScanIO enables you to receive business documents (i.e. invoices and credit notes) from sellers via multiple buyer-endorsed sources like Scanning Partners, value-added networks (VANs), etc. 

The app only accepts TSUBL files and the conversion from other formats to TS:UBL is expected to happen either through Babelway or other interoperability partners. 

The new app supports integrating documents from both regular VANs, like PEPPOL, NEMHANDEL, etc, and also through scanning partners and BPO partners.The ScanIO app can handle invoices with hundreds of line items.

To have access to this app, please contact Professional Services to perform the necessary configurations to your account.

App overview

When you open the app you’ll see four document lists: To be reviewed, Errors, Sent, and All documents list.

The To be the reviewed list contains all of the documents that are either on hold or in a draft state. This list contains all the documents that require user action to be processed further.

The Errors list contains all the documents that are in an error state, meaning that they failed to be dispatched from ScanIO because of various errors like business validation or Firewall. 

The Sent list contains all documents that have been sent from the scanner to you successfully. 

The All documents list contains all of the documents within the app.

You can use some standard filtering based on who the receiver is. If you’re using the buyer or master account, then you will see the list of all branches.

You can filter based on the Imported on date and Issue date. You can also search based on some basic details like the Document ID. 

You can sort the list of documents based on five parameters: Document ID, Amount, Sender, Recipient and Imported on date. 

You also have the option to download the list of documents. You can add the filters that interest you and the CSV download file will reflect your filtered list. Just press the Download CSV button on the bottom right of the page.

How to start processing a document

To validate a document, you need to click on the Document ID from the document list and validate the fields that are mandatory. Mandatory fields include details like the Sender & Receiver Name, Document Type, Document Number, etc. You can also validate Line items, Charges/Discounts, and Payment info.

Once you have finished validating, the document is ready to be processed. To do this, just press the Send button.

If, while validating a document you find that you need some clarification or feedback from your colleagues, you can put the document on hold. Putting the document on hold means that you’re waiting for some feedback or some more information on the document before you can make a decision. Just press the On Hold button.

If you find that the document not good enough (for example, if it didn't scan properly, or if the document is invalid), you can reject the document. Just press the Reject button.

You can also do this from the document list. Select one or multiple documents from your list and put them on hold or reject them, while also mentioning the reason, or validate them if they meet your criteria. 

Internal collaboration

To collaborate with colleagues on a specific document, just click on the document ID from the list, and click Open Collaboration on the bottom of the document. This will open a chat window where you can talk to other team members. Just add one or more colleagues to the conversation by clicking the icon at the bottom of the Conversation panel.

Important note: The conversation that happens in ScanIO Collaboration will not be migrated nor viewable in the dispatched document in Document Manager. The Collaboration panel also displays the Onhold and Rejection messages on Documents (if applicable). Attachments added to Collaboration are not added to the dispatched document as attachments and will not available once the document is dispatched.

Want to learn more? Check out this Tradeshift University Course about ScanIO.