When you order goods or services and they are dispatched to you, you sometimes need to acknowledge to your supplier that you have received the goods or services described in the Purchase Order (PO) you sent. The simplest way to do this is to create a document called Goods Receipt (GR).

A typical flow of documents where Goods Receipts are involved would be:

  1. You create a PO for desired goods or services either by making a new PO from scratch with Shop and Written Request items or by flipping a Quote into a PO

  2. Your Supplier receives the PO, processes, and ships your order to you

  3. Upon reception of the goods or services, you can then flip the PO into a GR. Note that you can also indicate in the GR document if any items or services you expected to receive were missing, delayed, or otherwise not up to expectations. Just click Add a receipt or a deduction on the bottom of the page to make these adjustments.

  4. The Supplier receives your GR document

How to create a Goods Receipt

You can create a GR directly from the Tradeshift platform, by flipping a PO.

There are two ways in which you can flip a PO from a GR. 

  1. From within a PO or a Purchase Order Change, click Options and then click Create a goods receipt. 

  1. From the Document Manager, select the PO, click on the PO line, which will open a side panel, and then click Create a goods receipt. 

You can now edit and send the Goods Receipt to your seller.

To be able to flip an order/order change to a Goods Receipt, you should first contact Tradeshift Support to perform the necessary configurations to your account.

After enabling the document flips, you’ll be able to create a GR.