1. Activate the Blanket Purchase Order app from the App Store.
  2. Open the “Create Documents” app
  3. Select “Blanket Purchase Order”
  4. Fill in the necessary fields:
    1. Title: Add the title of the request
    2. Description: Describe the request and offer in as much details as possible
    3. Commodity code: Choose a commodity code from a list of predefined UNSPSC codes, if you do not know the exact code for that request you can leave the field blank
    4. Budgeted Price: How much do you want to spend on this purchase
    5. Supplier Shared Price: Price shared with the supplier
    6. Supplier: Choose from a list of connected suppliers. If not known, you can leave it blank
    7. Comments to supplier: Any comments, specifications, requirements, you might want to send to the supplier
    8. Valid from Date: Date starting when the BPO will be valid
    9. Expiry Date: Date when the BPO will expire
    10. Note that once all fields are filled, you can choose to enable or disable Procurement Assistance (link to PA article). If any fields are left blank Procurement Assistance is automatically on.
  5. Once the mandatory fields have been completed , the "Add to PR" button will activate and you can proceed with the request.
  6. You will be prompted to the main Purchase Request view where you can review the entire PR and send it for approval.
  7. Once the request is fully approved , the BPO will be dispatched to the Supplier. The Supplier can accept the BPO and start invoicing against it.