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The platform is experiencing some issues - we are very sorry about it. Our engineers are already working on stabilizing the system. If you would like to get live updates on the status please subscribe on our status page here.

Exciting things are happening for you at Unilever

To continue driving our efforts towards environmental sustainability, Unilever has taken a strategic decision to migrate our suppliers to our new business partner, Tradeshift. Tradeshift is a free service platform for all our suppliers, providing them the complete visibility of their invoice status and ensuring they get paid on time.

The following Tradeshift features are available for Unilever suppliers:

Check the status of your invoice
On Vendor Query Portal
(For all Unilever suppliers)
Submit your electronic invoice
(only for selected suppliers)

Click on the image to learn more

Click on the image to learn more

We want to help you with the transition so, together with Tradeshift, we will make sure you have the right support so that everything goes smoothly. This web page is a good place to begin learning about the Tradeshift Vendor Query Portal eInvoicing, Tradeshift, and getting started.

We look forward to working with you on the new platform and creating new value in our relationships whilst reducing our environmental footprint and increasing our positive social impact.

Learn more

Unilever on Tradeshift

View all your invoices in Tradeshift

Invoice Unilever via Tradeshift

  • Use the Tradeshift Vendor Query Portal to view past invoices sent to Unilever
  • Get real-time status updates on each document
  • To get started on the Vendor Query Portal, you simply have to register as explained below!
  • The tradeshift platform can also be used to send electronic invoices to Unilever!
  • Whether you can use the invoicing solution depends on the country you are in. You can view the list of compliant countries here.
  • To know more about electronic invoicing, please contact Unilever at e-invoicing@unilever.com

Register on Tradeshift for Unilever

NOTE: Please DO NOT self register on the Tradeshift website. You can register only with the activation link you receive via email from Tradeshift.

Click here to view a sample email with the activation link.

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