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Welcome! Exciting things are happening at UNILEVER

Sustainability is central to Unilever's core values and e-Invoicing is a key component in our ability to reduce paper and increase efficiency. 

To continue driving our efforts towards environmental sustainability, Unilever has taken a strategic decision to migrate our suppliers to electronic invoicing with our new business partner, Tradeshift. 

Tradeshift is a free service platform for all our suppliers, providing them the complete visibility of their invoice status and ensuring they get paid on time.

We want to help you with the transition so, together with Tradeshift, we will make sure you have the right support so that everything goes smoothly. This web page is a good place to begin learning about eInvoicing, Tradeshift, and getting started.

We look forward to working with you on the new platform and creating new value in our relationships whilst reducing our environmental footprint and increasing our positive social impact.

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Benefits of querying invoices, receiving Purchase Orders and invoicing via Tradeshift

We are confident that you will experience significant benefits to your business when you begin e-Invoicing. Some of the benefits include:
Always Free - for a supplier onboarding the Tradeshift platform
No setup fees, transaction fees, or service charges if you chose Tradeshift as the E-invoicing platform
Simple invoice status updates and better on time payment
Full invoice status visibility  from receipt  through to approval and payment status
You are more likely to be paid on time because of quick invoice delivery and shorter process cycle time.
Increases invoice accuracy
Increased invoicing accuracy, gives instant feedback on required invoice information prior to submission
Easy Setup
No installation of hardware or software required.
Supports both manual and highly-automated options allowing suppliers to submit invoices from within existing billing software.
Clear visibility of all Purchase Orders and Invoices via  a user-friendly intuitive interface
Simple steps to turn your Purchase Order into an invoice
The Purchase Orders received from UNILEVER via the Tradeshift platform can be turned into an invoice on the Tradeshift Platform via a few short steps.
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Three ways to invoice

1. The ‘PO flip’ method - for all suppliers who receive Purchase Orders

Once registered with Tradeshift, all Purchase Orders will be delivered via the Tradeshift Platform. These can be easily turned into an invoice and returned to UNILEVER via the platform. All relevant information from the Purchase Order is automatically retained during the flip process for speed and accuracy. 

2. The ‘Integration- file transfer’ method - for larger volume suppliers 

This is for vendors sending large volumes of invoices. They need to use one of the many file formats supported by Tradeshift and integration would need some IT development. Tradeshift technicians will discuss and assist vendors with this process. 

For further information on the various methods of submitting invoices please see the Tradeshift website http://integrate.tradeshift.com/

3. The ‘Web Interface’ method - for lower volume, non-PO suppliers suppliers

This option allows approved Non PO vendors to key and send Non PO invoices to Unilever via Tradeshift.

The Tradeshift platform works on the following web browsers: Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer (versions 9 and above).

Global Validation rules

For Validation rules specific to Unilever India Business entities, please view the separate document here.

For all other Unilever business  entities, the validation Rules detailed in the below table apply.

Validation rules ensure that the vendor provides information in all the required fields. Unilever can then process the invoice quickly and efficiently without any unnecessary queries or delay. Validation rules are a way of enforcing compliance which benefit both the vendor and Unilever.

During invoice submission each document will be validated against rules. If requirement set by the rules are not met, invoice fails and supplier is notified with the reason for invoice submission failure. Invoice can be corrected and re-submitted.  

The following information is mandatory for all invoices on Header Level:

Field Name Purchase Order Invoice Non Purchase Order Invoice Additional Explanation
Supplier Company Name and Address X X -
Supplier Tax Number X X -
Unilever Entity Name and Address X X -
Unilever Tax Number X X -
Invoice date X X Invoice date should not be more than 10 calendar days from the current date. Future dated invoices not allowed
Invoice number X X Should not exceed 16 characters
Currency Currency on invoice must match PO currency X -
Amount excl Tax X X Negative amounts are not allowed
Tax Total X X Negative amounts are not allowed
Total Amount X X Negative amounts are not allowed
Purchase Order Number Must match PO data available in Tradeshift and has to be against same supplier Not Mandatory -
Payment Method X X A singe Payment method is mandatory
Delivery Date (Date of supply) Conditional Conditional Mandatory only if required by country regulations
Payment Date Conditional Conditional Mandatory only if required by country regulations

The following information is mandatory for all invoices on Line Level:

Field Name Purchase Order Invoice Non Purchase Order Invoice Additional Explanation
Purchase Order Number Must match PO data available in Tradeshift and has to be against same supplier Not Mandatory -
Purchase Order Line Number Must match referenced PO line number Not Mandatory -
Description X X Should clearly describe the product or service
Unit of Measure Must match referenced PO UOM X -
Quantity X X -
Unit Price Must match referenced PO Unit Price X -
Total line amount X X -
Tax line amount X X -
Tax percentage X X For tax exempt rate, exemption reason is mandatory if relevant in the country
Additional validation rules:
  • Additional charges (Such as Freight, Custom fee etc.) are allowed only at the header, NOT on the invoice lines.
  • For invoice which are issued in currency which is not a local currency of the supplier - exchange rate and value of converted Tax amount to local currency should be provided on the header.
  • For credit notes, the referenced invoice number must be mandatory and should exist in Tradeshift. You cannot raise the credit note if the referenced invoice is not raised through Tradeshift.
  • Please add no negative amounts at line or header level allowed across all supplier groups.
  • A Unilever Company Code must be referenced at all times in the documents.

FAQs - E-invoicing Unilever

For FAQs specific to Unilever India Business entities, please view the separate document here.
For all other Unilever business entities, you can consult the following FAQs.

Introducing the New Vendor Query Portal for all Global Unilever Suppliers!

Unilever has partnered with Tradeshift to create a free platform allowing you as a supplier to track the status of all invoices, current and historic regardless of the method you used to send them to Unilever. 

Whether you submit your invoices via Tradeshift or any other UNILEVER electronic invoicing partner, all Suppliers of UNILEVER globally now have full visibility of the processing and payment status of ALL invoices; with pertinent information from the time UL received the invoice through to the conclusion of approval and payment process. 

Please follow the link here for more information.

Contact Information

For technical queries regarding the Tradeshift product, please get in touch with Support here.

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