1. While viewing the document status, if you wish to raise a query with our finance service desk, click "Contact document receiver" and then “New message”
  2. Type a message in the text box and click “Send”. Note that this message is just a trigger for obtaining a link to the AP portal, the message's content is not important.
  3. You will then receive a link to the supplier query form. The link to the query form is https://supplierqueryform.unilever.com/.

Clicking that link will redirect you to the Unilever Supplier Query form, from where you can raise a ticket with the Accounts Payable service desk.

  1. Select the “Unilever Country” you are doing business with
  2. Select the Entity from the “Unilever Entity” dropdown
  3. Click on “Preferred Language ” field icon and select “e.g. English” from the dropdown
  4. Enter your email address in “Email address” field to get further query updates on email (this email address is used to communicate further updates on your query)
  5. To Enter your phone number, select the appropriate country code from the dropdown and provide your contact number
  6. Enter the desired information into the ”Supplier name as on Invoice sent” field 
  7. Select the “Invoice Related” option at the “Query category” level
  8. Select “Invoice Related” from “Query type” field.
  9. Provide a brief description about your query in “Additional Information” field
  10. Click on “Select files” to add attachments if needed
  11. Enter the necessary security confirmation code
  12. Click "Submit" to submit your query
  13. You can Reset the form if you wish to start again
  14. Escalation process: To escalate an existing query click on the escalate button on the top right hand side of the form, key in the ticket number starting with REQ0XXX and click on escalate button.