Unilever and Tradeshift have worked together to provide you with the following list of answers to Frequently Asked Questions. Take a look!


What is Tradeshift, and what is Unilever's project? Where do you fit in? Find out here!

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Read here how to get started on Tradeshift, and best practices when setting up your account.

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Your Tradeshift account with Unilever

See here details regarding contracting, account parameters, and more!

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The Vendor Query Portal

The Tradeshift Vendor Query Portal allows you to view past invoices sent to Unilever, learn how to use it here!

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Invoicing Unilever with Tradeshift

Using the Tradeshift platform, you can send electronic invoices to Unilever! Learn how to do so here.

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E-invoicing error glossary

While using Tradeshift for Unilever, you may encounter error messages. Here is a collection of such error messages and what they mean.

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Couldn't find the answers to your questions? See who to contact here.

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