Read here how to get started on Tradeshift, and best practices when setting up your account.

I’m new to Tradeshift. How do I register on the Tradeshift Network?

You will be invited to join the Vendor Query Portal by email over a phased roll out. After that, please visit the following link for instructions on how to register and connect.  Alternatively, you can watch the below webinar for a demonstration on h ...

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What are the benefits of using the Tradeshift Network?

Instantly track all invoices - regardless of the method used to send them to Unilever Track receipt, approval, payment statuses Allow you to predict cash-flow  Keep up to date and take proactive action to ensure timely payment ...

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Will I need to use this service if my account is currently paid on time?

Your use of Tradeshift Network will ensure that we continue to pay you on time. In addition, you will receive notification when your invoice has been received by us along with the status of your invoice. ...

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My organization is planning to change its invoicing software soon, should I wait before subscribing?

Tradeshift Network accepts any incoming data format therefore you should join the network as soon as you are alerted and send your invoices now to ensure your payments are not interrupted. You can simply advise Tradeshift of the changes when you are ...

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Unilever invitation email

The following is an example of the invitation emails Unilever sends for you to register: Invitations are sent by Please make sure you are not blocking these emails! Having trouble activating your account? Here is a ...

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Tradeshift account activation steps

From the invitation email you have received, please click the activation button:  This will take you to the following Tradeshift page, which contains some pre-entered information about your account: Your Business Name (1) and Country (2) will be pre- ...

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