What is Tradeshift, and what is Unilever's project? Where do you fit in? Find out here!

Who is Tradeshift?

Tradeshift is a networked platform built with suppliers at its core.Tradeshift offers intuitive, agile, scalable software, connecting buyers, suppliers, and all their processes in one place.We strengthen buyer-supplier relationships through the power ...

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Who can use the Vendor Query Portal service?

Global suppliers who have been invited to register to Tradeshift by Unilever can use the Vendor Query Portal service to view the status of all the invoices submitted to Unilever. ...

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Does Unilever offer any other platform for Einvoicing as well ?

Yes, Unilever currently offers 2 platforms for E-invoicing depending on the Geographies the supplier is transacting from. While most of Americas and Europe has Tungsten and Tradeshift as the chosen E-invoicing platform , all of AAR regions have Trade ...

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What is Unilever’s expectation from the supplier regarding mandated e-Invoicing?

Unilever expects, and strongly recommends, all suppliers to sign-up for einvoicing to improve and optimise the invoice payment process. ...

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