The Vendor Query Portal

The Tradeshift Vendor Query Portal allows you to view past invoices sent to Unilever, learn how to use it here!

What is the Tradeshift Vendor Query Portal?

NOTE: Please DO NOT self register on the Tradeshift website. You can register only with the activation link you receive via email from Tradeshift.Click here to view a sample email with the activation link.Tradeshift Vendor Query PortalTradeshift Vend ...

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Can I get real-time updates on the status of my documents?

Not in real time, however status updates are sent by Unilever to Tradeshift every 8 hours a day and for India and Sri Lanka it is once a day. ...

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What information I can view on the portal?

You are able to view your invoice details along with the status along with the below information: Status: whether it is Received, Approved, rejected or paid.  Rejection Reason along with recommended corrective action Scheduled Payment date (as agreed ...

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How can I check the status of my invoice or payment on Tradeshift?

The types of documents that are in-scope of Unilever's e-invoicing project and that you will be able to access in the Document Manager are: Invoice Invoice Copy Remittance Advice Purchase Order (PO) Copy Credit Note In order to view the status of yo ...

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What are the document statuses displayed?

A document status is a property that all documents have, which describes how far along the document is in the process. Document statuses are very important in Tradeshift, as they allow both parties to maintain a clear overview of all their transactio ...

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