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    What is the Tradeshift Vendor Query Portal?

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    NOTE: Please DO NOT self register on the Tradeshift website. You can register only with the activation link you receive via email from Tradeshift.

    Click here to view a sample email with the activation link.

    Tradeshift Vendor Query Portal

    Tradeshift Vendor Query Portal allows you to view the near real time status updates of the past invoices sent to Unilever. It is as simple as you check your bank transactions anytime, anywhere! Once registered, you find them all on “Document manager” under Apps.

    Benefits of using Tradeshift:


    Top VQP questions from Unilever suppliers

    How does VQP work?

    The Vendor Query Portal is an online tool which allows you to check the status of your invoice and remittance advice online by logging on to the platform.

    The Vendor Query Portal, sometimes referred to as "Buyer-Sourced Data" is a tool allowing you, a supplier of Unilever, to view invoices you have sent to Unilever in the past, no matter the method that was used. Here's how it works:

    • Unilever uploads past documents to the Tradeshift platform, associated with you, their supplier
    • Since your Tradeshift account is connected with Unilever's Tradeshift account, the Tradeshift system identifies you and displays your invoices in the Document Manager app

    Contact information

    For technical queries regarding the Tradeshift product, please get in touch with Support here.

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