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Does the Tradeshift Network have any tutorial videos to understand the process?

Yes, see the video guides in Tradeshift University and the course created especially for Unilever India & Sri Lanka suppliers here.  ...

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Who do I contact for technical inquiries?

If you couldn't find the answers you need in the Knowledge Base, you can contact the Tradeshift Support team here. ...

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Contacting Unilever

Unilever can be contacted through the Supplier Help Portal for any type of query that you might have. Please get in touch in case of invoice or payment-related queries, or if you want to sign up with Tradeshift and get started with e-invoicing.  ...

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How can I contact the Unilever Accounts Payable team?

While viewing the document status, if you wish to raise a query with our finance service desk, click "Contact document receiver" and then “New message” Type a message in the text box and click “Send”. Note that this message is just a trigger for obta ...

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