Your Tradeshift account with Unilever

See here details regarding contracting, account parameters, and more!

Do I get multiple logins for my company?

Administrators to the account can invite colleagues as needed to use Tradeshift on the supplier account, via the Invite Team Member function within profile settings.  ...

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Do I need to sign an agreement with the Tradeshift Network?

Reviewing and accepting the Tradeshift Terms and Conditions is a simple step of the supplier registration process.  ...

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What if I already subscribe to the Tradeshift network?

Great, then you already know how easy it is and how it works! All you need is an invite from Unilever to connect and begin transacting with them. As this is a global roll out, supplier will be invited in waves to begin with. Make sure to accept conne ...

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What contract duration will be offered and what happens if you stop supplying Unilever in that time?

There is no minimum term with Tradeshift, suppliers may join as they wish. Tradeshift's full Terms of Usage can be found easily online. ...

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How do I access my Company Profile to add my company’s tax and legal details?

Editing your company details such as company identifiers is done via the profile page. This app is opened by clicking this icon →  You can read about this app in more detail here. You can also access this video tutorial created especially for Unilev ...

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