When a discrepancy task has been assigned to you, you will receive a notification email whose wording depends on the task type:

Clicking the invoice number in the notification email will open the invoice in the Invoice Viewer app, which offers two ways to handle discrepancies (more on this below):

Overall, you have three options for resolving discrepancies:

  1. posting new documents (takes place outside of Invoice Viewer)
  2. approving discrepancies (takes place in Invoice Viewer)
  3. rejecting discrepancies (takes place in Invoice Viewer).

1. Posting new documents

On the buyer side, sending an order change or a goods receipt via API – or creating them in the UI – will automatically retrigger matching and ensure that the relevant document is processed by the decision service again. The task type and assignee are then reassessed, resulting in a) the creation of a new task or b) the document being automatically accepted. This depends on the outcome of the reassessment.

Similarly, the seller can retrigger the matching flow by sending a credit note or an additional invoice. This will have the same effect as when the buyer submits new documents, i.e. the original document will be reevaluated by the decision service.

The above makes it possible to resolve discrepancies using documents only, which has the added benefit of making everything match in your ERP systems as well.

As mentioned above, this method is not available in the Invoice Viewer but must be carried out via API or using the Create Documents app in the Tradeshift UI (accessible from the navigation panel on the left side of the screen).

2. Approving discrepancies

If the task type that is assigned to you is configured as approvable, you can submit the invoice – and hence the discrepancy – for approval. This is done in the Invoice Viewer: Simply click Approve and forward in the bottom right corner of the screen (see screenshot above).

In case you have a spend limit that exceeds the document value, the document will then be accepted automatically. If this is not the case, the document will follow the configured approval flow in order for the next approver to be identified.

3. Rejecting discrepancies

If the task type is configured as rejectable, you can reject the invoice and add a comment to the seller. This is also done in the Invoice Viewer:

  1. In the bottom right corner of the screen, click the three dots (see screenshot above).
  2. A side panel opens. Click Reject to supplier.
  3. A new side panel opens. Enter a reason for the rejection. The entered comment will be published in your external conversation with the seller.
  4. Click Reject document.
This will reject the document and notify the seller of the rejection.