With the new Questionnaire functionality, your Buyers will be able to send you short questionnaires to gather the information that they need about your company and set you up in their system. If you receive a questionnaire and you’re not sure how to proceed, keep reading to learn how you can respond to it.

You will be notified by email when a Buyer sends you a new questionnaire, an existing one’s status changes, or any actions are needed from your side. You will be able to see the questionnaires in your Dashboard, organised in three tabs based on the possible statuses that they can have: 

  • Needing attention includes questionnaires that require your response
  • Waiting for review includes questionnaires that you have submitted your response to, and that are currently waiting for the Buyer’s review 
  • Completed displays the questionnaires that have been accepted by your Buyers

Click on Respond. Fill in your answers or select from the available options, then click on Save progress to finish the questionnaire at a later time, or Submit responses to send it to your Buyer.

If your Buyer rejects one or several of your answers, you will need to review them before submitting the questionnaire again. Go to the Dashboard once more, then click on Review and respond. The questionnaire opens up again, and you will be able to correct your answers according to your Buyer’s comments.

Changing your answers: You can change your answers to a questionnaire at any time, whether it is awaiting review or it has already been completed. To do this, open the questionnaire in question and click Change responses. This will unlock the fields so you can change any responses you wish to change. When you are finished, click Submit to re-submit the questionnaire with the new answers.