To start creating recurring invoices, go to the App Store and activate the application called "Recurring Invoices" which can be found here.

Once the application is activated, you can switch between 'standard' and 'recurring' when creating a new invoice. In the recurring mode you can set the payment terms, first occurrence and repeat frequency.

You can also choose a previously sent invoice and use that as a template for a new recurring invoice. Simply open the invoice, click on the blue "Use as draft" button, and then set it to "Recurring".

You will receive an email notification 24 hours before any recurring invoice is due to be sent – so you can confirm that the invoice is correct and make adjustments as necessary.

You can check the status of your recurring invoices under by opening the "Recurring Invoices" app, where you can also follow the next occurrence of your recurring invoice.

The ongoing status means that your invoice is active and will be send out at the specified due date. You can edit the settings of the invoice by selecting it from the list and clicking on “Edit recurring invoice”.

If you want to stop the recurring , simply click “Stop recurring”. The status of the invoice will be updated automatically to “Inactive”. You can re-activate it anytime you want. Should you want to delete it completely, click “Discard”.

Note: It may take some time to process the first invoice (approx. 30 minutes) thus your document list won’t update immediately but you can always find the invoice(s) with “ongoing” status in the "Recurring Invoices" app