As indicated by the name, the Status widget displays a number of current statuses, each of which can be clicked to open a relevant app with more information:

The four selected statuses and their respective apps are as follows:

Unread Messages: The number of unread Collaboration messages. When this status is clicked, the Inbox panel of the Universal Inbox and App Launcher opens, displaying any unread (and other) messages.

Open Tasks: The number of Tradeshift tasks you have not yet carried out. When this status is clicked, the Task Manager opens, displaying the tasks and all relevant details.

Network Requests: The number of requests to join other companies on Tradeshift that you have received but not yet responded to. When this status is clicked, the Tradeshift network tab of the Network Manager opens, providing a full overview.

Network Connections: The number of network connections you currently have. Note that this number does not include email contacts. When this status is clicked, the My network tab of Network Manager opens.