A whitelist is a list of domains approved for authorized access to data. At Tradeshift, in order to get the full list of Tradeshift domains, you can inspect the TLS certificate of your browser, available when accessing the Tradeshift platform.

Whitelisting domains can ensure that all Tradeshift apps and integrations work properly. Bear in mind that not all domains are needed by every customer, it depends on the apps and features that you are using. Nevertheless, when looking for an exhaustive list of supported domains for the entire platform, the best approach is to take it from the TLS certificate.

To view the TLS certificate, access the Tradeshift platform and click on the lock icon, next to the browser address bar.

Next, click on the Certificate (Valid) option, to open the certificate. To view the list of domains, click on Details, and scroll down to the Subject Alternative Name section.

The full list of domains is indexed there and the most important domains are the go.tradeshift.com and api.tradeshift.com ones.