Every account on the Tradeshift platform has a profile. Updating your Company Profile is a necessary step before getting started with e-invoicing through Tradeshift. Complete the required fields under the ‘Complete your profile’ and ‘Company identifiers’ Sections.

  1. To access your company Profile, click the icon in the sidebar.
  2. Click this to view your profile the way another company on the Tradeshift network would see it. The Profile Settings can be accessed via the button of the same name. Read more about the Profile Settings here.
  3. You can add a banner image to customize your profile.
  4. You can of course upload your company logo. The supported formats are .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif, .bmp, and icon formats.
  5. A full profile means more visibility, attracting more business! Simply click the individual fields to add information. The address field in this section opens a side menu, in which you can enter your address. Your company name is the only mandatory field, but can be changed easily.
  6. You can add colleagues to your account! Follow our guide on how to do so.
  7. You can choose whether or not to show the members of your account on your profile, and manage your team members here.
  8. In this section, you can add your company’s legal and tax identifiers. Note that some customers make this information mandatory in order to invoice them! 
  9. You can likewise showcase your business credentials and certifications on your profile, to attract new potential partners!
  10. Recommendations are another great way to make a name for yourself! Your partners on the platform can provide you with recommendations, and you can ask them yourself! Read more about recommendations here
  11. If you have any specific media or documents you would like to make available to your customers, you can add them here.