You can manage the notification settings of your account, when logged in to your account as the primary user, as follows:

  1. Expand your app launcher.
  2. Navigate to your User settings (1)
  3. Select the Notifications (2) tab

Here you can select and deselect the notification options according to your preferences.  To save the changes, click the Update notification settings button.

You can also add several email addresses to your notification settings and customise the notifications sent to the additional email addresses. Steps to add another email address:

  1. On the Notifications tab, click the Add new email link. 
  2. In the New notification email window displayed, type the email address you want to add to the list of notifications,
  3. Click Proceed, and then close the window.

  4. Customise the notifications sent to email address newly address.

    Note: You can select a notification option for only one email address. For example, if you select the option to receive notifications when receiving a document for one email address, you cannot select the same option for another email address added.

  5. Click the Update notification settings button, and you are done