On Tradeshift, accounts can only have one address and one master branch, which means that accounts can only have one country. This master branch account is used only as an overview tool, and not for invoicing purposes. If your company operates in more than one country, you can create child branches for each country and note the country code in the company's name, for example Tradeshift UK and Tradeshift USA. The document exchange with your clients will be done through these child branches.

Each account created on Tradeshift (master and child) must have a different, unique email address associated with them. The owner of the master branch account (i.e. the primary email address of the master branch account) will have access to each branch, while each branch will only be able to see the documents that have been exchanged between the child and the client.

If you want to manage the networks and documents of all of these accounts together, the Branch Management app is the solution for you. This app allows you to have a master account with several child branches, whilst giving an overview of your company setup.

In order to get a branch management set up:
  • Create your master account first by accessing https://go.tradeshift.com/register.
  • Activate the Branch Management App.
  • Select to create a new branch, by accessing the "create new branch" button. You also have the option to upload your company's structure from a CSV file.

  • Fill in the necessary details and click create

  • Your branch will then be created.

Repeat the above process, or choose to upload a CSV file, in order to create multiple child branches for your company.