You can refine the results of the table by searching for specific document details. Simply enter your search string in the search bar at the top. You can enter one or multiple words, or even just parts of words:

Once a search string has been entered, the search algorithm will search for and display documents that contain the string in any of the fields represented by the following columns in Document Manager:

  • Document ID
  • Amount (but it is not possible to search for currency or numbers with decimals – only integers)
  • Sending party
  • Receiving party
  • Requester – including on-behalf-of (OBO) users
  • Status message
  • Request description

For example, if a requester has added a description to a purchase request, this is searchable in Document Manager (see screenshot above). The description is also displayed in Document Manager, in the Request description column, provided that the table has been customised to include this column.

Note: it is currently not possible to search for document types, statuses, currencies, dates (modified date, due date and issue date) or actions. For these, filtering and/or sorting can be used instead.

Line-level search

When a search string has been entered, the search algorithm will also search for the string at line level in all documents. So if, for instance, you search for "pens" in Document Manager, the table will list all documents that contain one or more lines with the item "pens":