This article provides useful details about how you access your in-platform correspondence.

Collaboration is the cross-product communication and collaboration app, which helps you collaborate on documents and tasks, both internally (within the same organisation) and externally (between organisations). The navigation bar enables you to access your conversations easily, by selecting the Messages icon at the top of the bar.

The page displays the following information about your messages, in a table view:

  • Context.This column displays the titles of the messages exchanged, giving an indication of the topic of conversation.
  • Type. This column indicates what type of message for each message received.
  • There are three types of messages exchanged on the Tradeshift platform:

    • Internal messages: messages exchanged with colleagues, on documents or tasks;
    • External messages: messages exchanged with users from connected companies, on documents or products;
    • Private messages: messages exchanged between a regular user and an admin user when a regular user requests the activation of an app.

  • Participants. This column indicates the number of participants in a conversation.
  • Last message.This column indicates who sent the last message in a conversation.
  • Last activity. This column indicates when the last message was sent in a conversation.

Useful tips

  • A red dot is displayed on the Messages icon, when there is incoming correspondence, as shown in the screenshot above.
  • Unread messages are highlighted on the Messages page, enabling you to keep track of your correspondence.

Note: To learn more about the collaboration messages and other features, visit the Collaboration section.